How does billing work at Dexcomm?

A big trend in our industry is to bill you every 28 days (13 invoices per year). We send out monthly invoices on the first of each month.

We believe that this is more convenient for our customers— you will always know exactly when you will receive your invoice each month. Invoices include the monthly base rate for the current month and any overages from the previous month.



We Help You Reach Your Growth Goals.
We’re here to help you reach your business goals by making your communication more efficient. As a partnership-focused answering service, you can be assured that we’re accountable to you and your success and that we are looking out for your long-term success.

Our Agents
When we conduct new applicant interviews, we tell prospective employees they must be passionate about helping others in order to work for us. This ensures a more consistent customer experience for your callers.
 We focus on providing industry training and self-improvement opportunities for our entire staff. This assists with personal growth and in turn produces a more engaged workforce who understand the importance of keeping your customers happy. 
Every employee at Dexcomm is infused with a desire to serve, a yearning to help others, and the aspiration to fully develop their own potential. We work together to have a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people—our customers and callers—every day. Our values, our history, and our experience together define the spirit of service within each of us.


View full billing "Did You Know" graphic here.

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