What can I do to reduce billing?

There are several small modifications that can lower your cost, without affecting the quality of service.

In order to reduce your billing you can incorporate some of the following modifications:

- A friendly greeting telling callers of your office hours, where you are located, etc. before a live operator answers your calls. 

- Use our advanced greeting capabilities by providing callers with a voicemail box to record office messages and on the next business day, a member of your office staff can check to see if there are any pending messages.

- Receive your messages by text message, email, or alphanumeric pager instead of an operator verbally delivering the message to you.

- Use our advanced text messaging system that allows you to confirm you received a message by text message without having to speak with anyone.

- Ensure that your employees confirm they received a message as quickly as they can to eliminate operators calling them.

- Keep intra-company calls to a minimum or eliminate them completely. Make sure your employees have a company directory handy so they don’t have to call us to reach a co-worker.

- Review the information that our operators are asking your callers to obtain for you. See if there is anything redundant that can be removed.

- Keep your telephone answering machine lead-in messages short and brief.

- Reduce or eliminate the use of connecting the caller with the person on call, known as patching.

- Use our web programs to input on-call information from your office via the internet.

 View full billing "Did You Know" graphic here.

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